This place saved my life

This place saved my life. This place literally saved my life, because when I got out of Valley Vista, I was thinking catastrophic thoughts about moving into this town. I know there’s drugs and I’m moving in with strangers. I have no family. It’s going to be just like jail but worse because I can get drugs. I would have thoughts of suicide, going over street, getting pills from the dealer because there’s some in town, jumping off the bridge and just ending it. Nobody would miss me. I have no family here, no friends, I have nothing. So, the next day, I was mandated to come to the Justice Center, and I met people that really, really care. They took me in like I was part of the family and just didn’t judge me; gave me a reason to be around and gave me hope just knowing people care and I have somebody in this town I can depend on, that I can run to for support and help like help in dealing with pressures every day brings I know I have place to go.

Cindy LaPlant 7/5/17