Current Volunteers
  1. Chris Aquino*
  2. Briana Baker
  3. Jeff Baker
  4. Bill Brawley
  5. Fred Davis
  6. Dan Deneen
  7. Emlyn Diakow
  8. Molly Drummond
  9. Ashley Dunkle
  10. Rebecca Hanissian
  11. Nate Hill
  12. Judy Hills
  13. Dora Huang
  14. Susan Johnson
  15. Janice Kelley
  16. Thomas Kuczmarski
  17. Lynn Macpherson
  18. Polly Mahoney
  19. Brett Mayfield
  20. Dan McCarthy
  21. Greg Moore
  22. Kitty O’Hara
  23. Kristy O’Meara*
  24. Carol Porter
  25. Christie Stark-Lafayette
  26. Ruby Summers
  27. Marek Svoboda
  28. Peter Tenenbaum
  29. Nathan Thoele
  30. Jonathan Tuthill*
  31. Stephen Wang
  32. Jacob Wasag
  33. Doris Yates

* Staff also serve as volunteers on the Reparative Panel


Meet the Volunteers!

deneen.jpgDan Deneen – Writer and editor, Upper Valley resident since 1993.  Professional background in finance, public school education.  Having had my share of mistakes and narrowly-avoided disasters in my own life, I am always aware of how fragile the line between “law-abiding citizen” and “offender” can be.  The Justice Center is a small way I can offer a helping hand to young men and women who have made poor choices, been unlucky, or one way or another found themselves facing—or returning from—incarceration.

Fred DavisFred Davis – A local business man who has volunteered his time in the Hartford Justice Center since the very beginning.  He serves on the Restorative Panel and is the facilitator in the family group conferencing process.

unnamedSusan Johnson – I’m a retired Chiropractor and emerging artist, living in Hartford, VT. My husband and I moved back to New England 5 years ago. When I am not behind in weeding and mowing a 4 hour-a-day garden, I enjoy playing w/ paint.  It’s been fun to see my donated artwork raise funds  for Elizabeth Warren, and a women’s prison theatre project, to have been in DHMC Healing w/ Art exhibits, AVA Gallery shows, and to be accepted in the first juried show at Gallery A3 in Amherst MA this past Spring. I feel very fortunate to have connected w/  Restorative Justice center the first month I moved here. It’s a wonderful program that I have found to enrich my life as a panel member, as well as supports the best possible outcome for everyone.

img_2500-2 Polly Mahoney – I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer at the Hartford Community Restorative Justice Center, where everyone is welcomed and treated with respect. Through the restorative justice process, I have learned how interconnected we all are.

carolCarol Porter – I live in White River Jct, VT, and have a degree in Accounting and Business Management. I am a recovering alcoholic with 26 years of recovery. I work and live for my kids. I have a long history of personal experiences that enable me to relate with some of our clients. I strongly believe in “pay it forward.” I want to give back the miracles I have received in my life.

Megan Rose Carr LaPorte – A second-year medical unnamed-3student at the the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and a current member of the Physicians for Human Rights national student advisory board.  After finishing her undergraduate degree, she was awarded a Fulbright ETA in Thailand, where she taught English and completed hospital internships in Chiang Mai and Umphang. During her first year of medical school, she was awarded a Schwartz Compassion Fellowship to study compassion in medical pedagogy, and carried out a project to support healthcare for stateless individuals on the Thai-Burma border. She is most interested in social justice, global health, and healthcare optimization in low-resource settings. Quotation: “I think that those who are really doing everything they can, whatever it is, do not feel either despair or hopelessness, because they’re involved in the doing.” –Aung San Suu Kyi